What a Semi-Finalist Status is about?

We’re often asked about Semi-Finalist Status of our Contest. What is its purpose and role? Here’s a detailed explanation for all our participants.

Semi-Finalist status of Moscow Film Party Contest is given to those of the films that have been marked out by Selection Committee but by some reason have not been included in the Final Selection of films for demonstration during the official dates of the festival. It NO WAY means anything like a “second-grade film” – we wouldn’t have associated it with the title of our festival if we thought so. The reasons for not being included in the official program may be different and depend on the current season competition. Nevertherless it is an Achievement so we mark it with a special Semi-Finalist Laurels to greet our semi-finalists and provide some friendly bonuses to them.

All Semi-Finalists as well as Official Selection are invited to our Party Events as special guests. Their films are not obligatory for screening but may be screened in case of physical presence of the author at the Event. We always try to devote some time to our Semi-Finalists and give them an opportunity to present their work from the scene and to receive a small courtesy souvenir – a branded mug.

Besides sometimes Moscow Film Party organizes extra-screenings apart from the main Event. For this purpose we reserve the right to include some of Semi-Finalist films into special thematical screenings during the year with obligatory author notification.

We warmly greet all our Semi-Finalists and wish them further victories and success!