– BEST SHORT FILM: “Back to Graceland”, directed by Sakari Sankkinen, Finland.
– BEST SHORT FILM IN RUSSIAN: “Memorio”, directed by Vadim Gordt, Russia.
– BEST GENRE MOVIE: “Vegetable Crushers”, directed by Paul Herbert, Great Britain.
– BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM: “Play”, directed by Piotr Sulkowski, Poland.
– BEST DOCUMENTARY: “A Century of Dreams”, directed by Ven Jemersic, Slovenia.
– – BEST MUSIC VIDEO: “Astronaut”, directed by Pierre Ponchant, France and “Dudki”, directed by Gulzhan Sitakhmetova, Russia.
– BEST PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: “Start living”, directed by Denis Ivanov, Russia.
– BEST FILM UP TO 3 MIN: “Leaf of Faith”, directed by Alice Yu Li, New Zealand.
– BEST COMMERCIAL: “Peugeot 508” (“2048 Next Stop Mars”) directed by Mattia Benetti, Italy.